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Leeteuk → & now I'm all alone


• Online friends call me Arisu, so let's just go with that. Sixteen. Filipino -- Philippines. D'oh.
• I'm friendly, don't worry. But I am not the type to start conversations. Usually.

Before friending me:
1! No dead journals. PLEASE
2! Common interests are most definitely needed. Hello, JE and SME.
3! It's okay if you don't comment often. Just every now and then is enough.
4! I don't leave comments all the time but I do read most entries. So please don't expect a lot from me.
5! Leave a comment in this entry before friending. I ignore random requests w/o intros. Sorry.

Finding my graphics here is a waste of time. :) Some are moved, and some stayed, but locked. Go to my NEW graphics community instead: chocoreito